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Drive Works Alternator Wire Diagram 1 - Hey, Randy: I agree with what you're saying, but the battery is in the trunk about twelve feet plus from the alternator. What i did was to hook the wire to the battery side of the solenoid which is under the passenger side of the dash which is only about four feet from the alternator.. Nov 03, 2001  · Auto Wiring: External Voltage Regulator W/ GM Alternator Showing 1-10 of 10 messages. Before we get into the details, refer to the diagram I drew: >three-wire alternator and a four wire voltage regulator would be somewhat >standard in the pinouts. >. Sep 20, 2011  · Re: Need wiring diagram for GM one wire alternator Post by Boss Hog » Sat Sep 17, 2011 11:48 pm Josh, It is only one wire If you are using the original wires and it was 6 volt, Hook the battery wire and the L wire off the regulator to the alt. Simple..

In the BAT plug two wire version, the alternator checks system voltage via a “sense” fuse located in a vehicle fuse box. The whole purpose is to check voltage away from the alternator itself. The reason is pretty simple; it wants to know if the charging voltage is reaching the fuse box.. Jul 17, 2006  · Small wire is the sensing wire. It needs a 12 volt signal to it. I ran the out put to the battery with a fusable link inbetween. Some one posted a link a while back on alternator wiring.. 1 other wire has also been disconected,called "duvac", that comes from the + side of the battery, that should connected the "black" side of the regulator. Currently, the "black side of the regulator is connected to the ground post on te alternator..

1 Alternator Identification Briggs&Strattonenginesareequippedwithanumberofdifferentalternatorsystemstomeet therequire-ments of equipment manufacturers.. turn switch, electric fan, horn, battery feed, alternator and alternator exciter wire, coil, and air conditioning. Included in the 18-circuit kit are trunk accessory, door locks, power windows, reverse switch and electric fuel pump.. The diagram below shows how one can upgrade the wiring, alternator and ammeter gauge to keep your Jeep in top electrical shape. Image 056 Return . The above image was made with a trial copy of SmartDraw, CAD/CAM evidently is above my pay grade, and I thank SmartDraw for the opportunity to embarrass myself..

Find the Best Mustang Alternator & Generator Wiring at CJ Pony Parts If you own a First Generation Ford Mustang and if you are still driving around with your stock alternator or generator wires, you could run into a problem sooner or later.. Apr 25, 2007  · Easiest is to run a wire from the #2 terminal (marked on back of alt) of the built in regulator right to the output stud on the back of the alternator. This is the system voltage sensing used to control the regulator.. Home / Technical Articles / Alternator Wiring. Alternator Wiring. Username Password. Remember Me. Register. Check out our Facebook Group. Facebook Feed. 1 day ago . Aloha I have a 71 with a 93 5.0 having some wiring issues need some help. Early Bronco Registry.

A self exciting or "One wire" alternator as it some times called, has only one wire running to it., that one wire is the main large battery wire. The Ground or Negative wire from the Battery goes to the alternator case or the frame the alternator is mounted on.. Jan 01, 2012  · 2. disconnect thick brown wire from the fuze-box & reroute it from the starter solenoid, through the firewall to one terminal of the ammeter. 3. connect a fresh thick brown wire from the other terminal of the ammeter to the vacated terminal on the fuze-box..

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